Correct engine repair - in every region!
Spare Parts and Tools

"ProMotor"Sales Office supplies spare parts for ICE repair of any degree of complexity from leading European manufacturers such as Kolbenschmidt, Glyco, Mahle, AE, Freccia, Elring,Viktor Reinz, AMP, as well as, parts, tools and equipment own-produced.

The range of products comprises:

  • piston sets including pistons, piston rings, ICE cylinder and compressor liners;
  • bushes (friction bearings) for crankshaft, rods, camshaft;
  • valves, valve guides and valve seats;
  • various seals (gaskets, sealing glands etc.) in sets and per item;
  • engine overheat sensors with different response temperature.
  • reamers
Spare parts for non-motorized units and assemblies (filters, brake pads etc.) are supplied as an option
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