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000003_000111_CAT_3512_2.pngSP V.M.S., represented by a network of ProMotor centres, is Ukraine's leader in machining of internal combustion engine parts such as cylinder heads (CH), crankshafts, cylinder blocks (CB), main supports of cylinder block crankshaft, journal supports of CH and CB camshaft, connecting rods.
All machining operations at ProMotor centres are carried out using equipment of leading companies: ROTTLERNEWENSUNNENK-LINE (USA); АМС SCHOU (Denmark); AZ (Italy).
This equipment allows a wide range of machining operations for performance restoration of internal combustion engine parts and offers outstanding results matching the level of world's leading internal combustion engines (ICE) manufacturers.


Cylinder Head

  • CH cooling jacket space leakage test is performed in a "test bath" at a temperature from 75 °C and compressed air pressure of 10 atm abs. Test results are accepted at the time of the operation. This process will help you choose the best way for your ICE maintenance;
  • machining of jointing planes of CH with unparalleled planes, machining of manifold plane inlets and especially outlets, as well as machining of aluminium cylinder heads with pre-combustion chambers is possible;
  • when machining and shaping the valve seats, profiles of virtually any complexity and angle combination may be maintained, with the perfect alignment with the guide bush achieved due to self-centring of the "floating spindle" on an air pad, which allows for machining of the working and auxiliary valve seat faces with the displacement of 0.010 mm and less;
  • special equipment and patented technology allows repair of well-worn valve guides (guide inside diameter wear up to 0.40 mm). In this case the inside diameter of a worn-out valve guide is bored out with a special tool and a bronze bush of a special design is installed into the prepared bore. The repaired valve guide service life increases up to 30 % in comparison with the original valve guide.


  • The crankshaft journals grinding equipment is able to machine 2.0–1,000 kg crankshafts with the main and rod journal width of 16 mm and with crankshaft length of up to 3,300 mm (!). During this operation the needed fillet bending radius is sharpened, mandatory grinding of the main and rod journals and fillet radius is performed with a free grinding machine line which preserves the configuration and size acquired during the machining. The machining accuracy of journals size and configuration is 0.002 to 0.005 mm. Shaft axis bending and surface roughness meet the requirements of ICE manufacturers;
  • the crankshaft surface roughness after grinding is within 0.1... 0.050 µm according to Ra standard. The surface is almost mirror-like and it meets the requirements of all ICE manufacturers. The accuracy of journal sizes, fillet radii, and journal configuration characteristics comply with the requirements of ICE manufacturers; 
  • crankshaft dynamic balancing is performed with computer quality control. The balancing is possible with attachable elements (front pulley, flywheel, clutch basket), and with reduced mass connection rods and pistons for V-type engines (the reduced mass of connection rods shall not exceed 4.5 kg for light motor vehicles). Balancing is performed both by increasing weight and by relieving excess weight of crankshaft structure components;
  • in-line engine shafts are balanced with crankshaft weight up to 250 kg. The computer used to record the drill diameter and feeding angle values analyses the data and performs metal removal quantity control.

Cylinder Block

  • The plane machining and cylinder honing are performed for practically all types of cylinder blocks and cylinder heads, from compressor and motorcycle engines to tractor, heavy quarry machinery and diesel locomotive engines;
  • when repairing cylinder blocks, before honing we perform preparatory cylinder boring. Cylinder boring is performed both from guides (when there are no cylinder block plane deformations) and from a bar which allows to locate the CB on crankshaft supports that maintains as accurately as possible and/or recovers the cylinder axis to crankshaft axis alignment;
  • during cylinder block repair we install cast iron liners of standard and non-standard coupling sizes into aluminium or cast iron cylinder blocks that are out of their service life. We install liners by heating CBs and cooling cylinder liners with liquid nitrogen, which complies to the requirements of ICE manufacturers;
  • during cylinder block repair we install liners of various designs: liners with collars and without collars, with bottom support and without support (the liner body is fixed inside the cylinder by size overlapping, or "interference"). The choice of the liner installation method is specified and agreed upon with the Customer;
  • during cylinder block repair we perform honing and rehoning operations. ROTTLER НР6А equipment preserves the cylinder size and configuration within 0.0025 mm, the specified roughness of the petrol or diesel hone profile and hone profile angle. We use the “brushing” technique for liner surface finishing. This technique provides for the improvement of cast iron cylinder liner surface quality after honing by raising the percentage of uncoated spherical flake graphite on the cast iron cylinder surface, not less than 20 %. This quality meets the recommendations of the world's leading internal combustion engine manufacturers;
  • during cylinder block repair we restore the axis bending of crankshaft supports. We perform support boring, horizontal honing, as well as simultaneous machining of all crankshaft supports with a special tool;
  • special works for cylinder block performance restoration for heavy quarry and agricultural machinery are provided carried out using a unique ROTTLER F98 machining centre;
  • we also provide CB crankshaft support welding in case of emergency damage of CB supports as a repair option

Connecting Rods

  • The entire process of ICE parts machining is controlled by a measuring instrument that undergoes scheduled compulsory maintenance and calibration. If necessary, you can order maintenance and calibration of your measuring instrument from us.

The company has a spare parts storage and reliable suppliers, and ensures fast delivery of high-quality parts and components to reduce the time you spend on unassisted search. The warranty covers the performed work and sold spare parts.

The network is currently represented by ProMotor centres in the following cities of Ukraine: Kyiv (two shops), Kharkiv, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia, Lviv, Simferopol, Zhytomyr, Poltava, Kherson, Cherkasy, Kryvyi Rih, Stavyshche of the Region of Kyiv.

Simply put, ProMotor is a game changer in engine repair.

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